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403-A054 EL2 Boost Meter


APEXi’s EL II Meter series are the newest addition to the EL Meters lineup. The 60mm Meter utilize a main control unit (sold separately) constantly monitor and record the movement of all EL II meters. The control unit provides the memory replay, warning, and peak hold functions with just one touch. The synchronized memory playback function was designed exclusively so that drivers did not need to individually start each meter before driving or a race. A high speed CPU processor ensures accurate monitoring every time.

EL II Meters are available in Boost, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Ex Temp and Fuel Pressure monitoring. The main control unit can accommodate up to 6 meters. EL II Meters are offered in White or Black Face in Silver bezel color. And White or Black face in Black bezel color. All meter comes with a multi-angle stand allows easy mounting installation on the dash or windscreen.

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